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MAST - Micro Autonomous Systems Technology
CTA - Collaborative Technology Alliance (MAST is funded as a CTA by ARL)
ARL - Army Research Lab (several locations, but mostly in Maryland)
BAE - British Aerospace Engineering (defense contractor interfacing between ARL and the MAST CTA, also prime for Integration)
UPenn - Univ. of Pennsylvania (prime for Autonomy)
UMich - Univ. of Michigan (prime for Microelectronics)
UMD - Univ. of Maryland (prime for Micromechanics)
GIT - (also GaTech) Georgia Institute of Technology
GTRI - GaTech Research Institute
JPL - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
NDU - National Defense University
PIs - Principle Investigators for each of the 4 main primes are:

Integration: Mark Falco, BAE
Autonomy: Prof. Vijay Kumar, UPenn
Microelectronics: Prof. Sarabandi, UMich
Micromechanics: Prof. Chopra, UMD

AM^3 - an acronym for the Autonomy Center (Autonomous Multifunctional Mobile Microsystems)
NIST - National Institute of Standars and Technology - helping ARL with management
IPP - Initial Program Plan for the first (half) year, from 2/08 through 10/31/08
APP - Annual Program Plan - what each Center is doing for 11/1/08 through 10/31/09, etc.
SoM - Systems of Microsystems, a new buzz word. Systems of Systems was an old DoD buzz word.
DoD - Department of Defense
RoRI - Return on research investment
NEST - earlier DARPA program called Network Embedded Systems Technology (wireless sensor networks)
IEDs - Improvised explosive devices
MEMS - Micro electro mechanical systems
GN&C - Guidance, navigation and control
GPS - Global Positioning System
RF - Radio Frequency
MAV - Micro Air Vehicle
NAV - Nano Air Vehicle
MGS - Micro Ground System
IMU - Inertial Measurement Unit
INS - Inertial Navigation System
AHRS - Attitude-Heading Reference System
SA - Situation Awareness
TTL - Tagging, Tracking, Locating
ISR - Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
CONOPS - CONcept of OPerationS
USAR - Urban Search and Rescue
SASO - Security and Safety Operation
MIDAS - Microsystems Integrated Design, Analysis, & Simulation, the name of tool/sub-project in Integration center
ISLS - Interactive System Level Simulation
SWARMing - System Wide Assessment Research and Management
CBP - Capabilities-Based Planning
KPPs - Key Performance Parameters
Quality Function Deployment
TPMs - Technical Performance Metrics
POC - Point of Contact
FY - Fiscal Year
SP2 - Strategic Portfolio Planning
DOE - Design of Experiments
DOE - Department of Energy
MOUT - Military Operations in Urban Terrain
TRADOC - Army Training and Doctrine Command (in Monterey, CA)
ATEC - Army Test and Evaluation Command ARL VTD - ARL Vehicle Technology Directorate
SPAWAR - Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (in San Diego, CA)
SCU - Small Combat Unit
FCS - Future Combat Systems
SOCOM - Special Operations Command (SEALs, Rangers, Green Berets
COTS - Commercial Off The Shelf
SLE - System Level Experiments

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