Language Definitions

Experiment (as opposed to a Demonstration) could have 1 of 3 objectives

1) Hypothesis Testing - Check if/then statements, test a hypothesis regarding performance, etc.
2) Discovery Experiments - Explore how something might be used, generate new ideas or ways of doing things
3) Demonstration Experiments - Create a venue in which known truth is recreated. A Demonstration means repeatable results are shown.

A Demonstration might be done first in simulation (to show repeatable behaviors)

- and extended later to a physical demonstration (which would show repeatable results)
- what an observer of a physical demonstration might take away is some understanding of the state of the art
- we will show MAST progress through a sequence of demonstration experiments
- these demonstration experiments will be designed to elucidate accomplishments of the fundamental research

Each of the 3 types of experiments (Hypothesis Testing, Discovery and Demonstrations) will occur naturally as a course of research in each of the 4 centers. However, there will also be System Level Experiments that will be done collaboratively at the Primary Site for Experimentation at the University of Maryland.

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