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MAST presentation schedule

4/16/2010: Andrew Godbehere, Saurabh Amin - Stealth f/Repeater Placement; Thomas Watteyne - Video Networking Through Buildings

3/12/2010: Fernando Garcia-Bermudez - Optical Flow; Mehmet Akgul - RF MEMS; Andrew Tinka - Drifters

2/12/2010: Pat Bouffard - Model-Based Design, Verification; Michel Maharbiz - Transpiration;

Past Luncheons

1/15/2010: Kaushik, Ardian Jusufi - Cockroach wall-climbing & Gecko tails for gliding/turning

  • High Speed Horizontal to Vertical Transitions in Running Cockroaches reveals a Principle of Robustness - Kaushik Jayaram

12/12/2009: Po Yan/Allen Yang

CITRIC motes and dynamic texture analysis

11/20/2009: Humberto Gonzalez; Kevin Peterson

10/30/2009: Parameter Identification for Hybrid Dynamical Abstractions - Sam Burden, Progress on Milliscale Robot Design - Aaron Hoover

10/02/2009: GINA motes and foot step detection - Travis Massey

09/05/2009: Discussions on Joint Experimentations 2010

08/21/2009: GINA motes: current development status - Ankur Mehta, Channel hopping on IEEE 802.15.4 network - Thomas Watteyne

07/24/2009: Follow-ups of Robot Fair & Issues in MAST Demo in April 2010

07/10/2009: Talk by Prof. David Lentink "Bio inspired design of flapping and morphing micro air vehicles"

06/26/2009: Mini Rocketry Project - Florian Kehl

06/12/2009: Micromechanics Presentations by Prof. Fearing's group

05/29/2009: Distributed sensing on drifters - Andrew Tinka

05/15/2009: High-Q Resonators for Ultra-low Power Radios & Distributed Object Recognition Using the CITRIC Camera Motes

05/01/2009: Metrics for Stealthy Operations & Analyses on Crawler Data

04/17/2009: Crawler Experimental Data & Attach:RobotFair7.ppt

04/03/2009: Autonomous Miniature Helicopter

03/20/2009: Misc. research problems

03/06/2009: Micro Crawlers and Related Research Agenda

02/20/2009: Experimental Tools Luncheon

02/06/2009: Larry Matthies from JPL

01/23/2009: Scenario Proposals

01/09/2009: Motes and Radios

12/05/2008: Simulation Tools Luncheon, which resulted in the Simulation Tools page.

11/21/2008: Research Questions

11/07/2008: Brainstorming about collaboration ideas

10/24/2008: The first meeting

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