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This page describes how to download a Fedora Core 4 virtual machine built by Sam Burden using VMWare Fusion for OSX that has MAST-specific versions of MissionLab and Gazebo installed.

To download the virtual machine, you'll need an SFTP client and ~6 Gb free space on your computer. Enter the following commands:

 $ sftp mast@
 $ Password:  masttastic
 sftp> cd vms
 sftp> get mast-fc4.tar

Though the password is weak (and I've posted it plaintext on this page), you shouldn't be able to add files or see anywhere else on my filesystem (please let me know if I'm mistaken!), so feel free to distribute the username and password to anyone you wish. No other services (ssh, scp, ftp, ...) are enabled for this account.

Assuming you have VMWare installed (hopefully it works with more versions than just Fusion for OSX), you should just be able to unpack that .tar (no compression) and open the .vmwarevm file. You can find a "free" version of VMWare at:

If you'd like the Fedora Core 4 ISO I started with (it took me a long time to track it down), you can find it at distros/FC4-i386-DVD.iso.

My installation notes from installing the MAST-specific MissionLab+Gazebo and running the demo are available at notes/fc4_missionlab-gazebo. Feel free to contact Sam Burden with any questions.

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Page last modified on January 23, 2009, at 05:05 PM