Project Data Memos

How This Works:

The basic idea is that as people work along, whenever they have anything they want to share with the rest of the team they create a PDM and upload it to the PDM page. Maybe it's some notes about recent results, perhaps in Word or Powerpoint format, or maybe it's a technical explanation memo, or maybe it's a collection of photos or pointers to movies, or maybe it's some background paper. The idea is simple - just a straightforward way of keeping track of project information and progress (the motto is "Something is Better Than Nothing").

We name the first file 000_index.xls (attached). Whoever uploads the second file names it, then whoever uploads the third file calls theirs 101_TheirTitle.yyy, etc. etc. The 000_index.xls file is an Excel file where people just edit it and repost it, adding their latest PDM title to the list in the Excel file. 000_index.xls is just an index of the titles, authors, upload dates and short descriptions of all the files that get uploaded into this (flat) directory.

To share a PDM, simply upload it using the Attach tab at the top of the page, and then create a link to it below. Don't forget to also update the index file with the relevant information.


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