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MAST in Professor Sastry's Group at Berkeley

Welcome to Professor Sastry's web page for the Micro Autonomous Systems and Technology (MAST) project!

An interdisciplinary and multi-university research team is developing a robotic sensor network for deployment in disaster areas. By coupling novel small-scale robots with recent work in networked and embedded systems we aim to create a heterogeneous mobile sensor network capable of autonomously navigating through unstructured adversarial environments and relaying useful information to a human operator.

Lab Members

Professor Shankar S. Sastry
Dean of the College of Engineering
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Professor of Bioengineering
Nippon Electronics Corporation (NEC) Distinguished Professorship in the College of Engineering and the Walter A. Haas School of Business

Interests: embedded and autonomous software, computer vision, and computation in novel substrates such as DNA, nonlinear and adaptive control, robotic telesurgery, control of hybrid systems, embedded systems, sensor networks and biological motor control.

Sam Burden
Ph.D. student

  • In general: nonlinear, hybrid, and stochastic dynamical systems;
  • more specifically: dynamic, under-actuated, and autonomous robots;
  • in particular: control algorithms for such systems that exploit their complex internal dynamics.

Andrew Godbehere
Ph.D. student

  • mobile wireless sensor networks
  • navigation and sensing with limited localization
  • cooperative swarm behavior

Our MAST-Related Projects

Fall 2008 Demonstration Video
Demonstration of sensor deployment and integration capabilities using currently-available devices.

MissionLab VM
Instructions for downloading a virtual machine which has the MAST-specific MissionLab and Gazebo software pre-installed.

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