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Please see UCB Robotics Facebook Page

Please see UCB Robotics Facebook Page which is the central, up-to-date UC Berkeley Robotics web presence since Oct. 2011

Robotics and Intelligent Machines Research in EECS

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
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Affiliated Projects and Laboratories

Please see UCB Robotics Facebook Page which is the central, up-to-date UC Berkeley Robotics web-presence since Oct. 2011

(below last updated October 2008)

Biomimetics Millisystem Lab
The goal of the Biomimetics Millisystem Lab is to harness features of animal manipulation, locomotion, sensing, actuation, mechanics, dynamics, and control strategies to radically improve millirobot capabilities.

Berkeley Automation Sciences Lab
UC Berkeley's Automation Sciences Lab, directed by Professor Ken Goldberg of IEOR and EECS, is a center for research in robotics and automation, with current projects in networked telerobotics, computer assisted surgery, automated manufacturing, and new media artforms.

Robot Learning Group
We investigate novel techniques in machine learning, perception and control with applications to autonomous helicopter flight, personal robotics and surgical robotics.

Tele-Immersion @ UC Berkeley
Tele-immersion is aimed to enable users in geographically distributed sites to collaborate in real time in a shared simulated environment as if they were in the same physical room.

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BErkeley AeRobot (BEAR)
Research for this project includes the Berkeley unmanned rotorcraft, scalable architecture, autonomous vs. human control, coordinated flight, autonomous collision avoidance, nonlinear modal predictive control for UAVs in a Dynamic Environment.(last update 2008)

Heterogenous Sensor Networks
Heterogeneous Sensor Webs for Automated Target Recognition and Tracking in Urban Terrain.(last update 2007)

Computer Vision Group
Research on Computer Vision including perceptual organization, object recognition and learning, stereo drive, road watch, and texture and recognition of human motions and gestures. (missing link)

Micro Autonomous Systems and Technology
A project aimed at developing and controlling networks of small, autonomous, highly mobile air and ground vehicles.

(last update 2008)

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
Research on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems for use in next-generation automobiles using model predictive control (MPC) and low-cost sensors such as real-time vision.

Past Projects

Medical Robotics Research
Research in minimally invasive surgical robots, including laparoscopic manipulators, teleoperation, and teletaction.

Research in Networked Embedded Systems Technology, specifically sensor networks.

Silicon Microrobots
The solar-powered 10 mg silicon microrobot was used to demonstrate that an autonomous robot could be built from silicon fabrication technologies.