Arrival Checklist

Checklist for New Graduate Students and Visitors

  1. Update your advisor with the graduate assistant (211 Cory)
  2. Get computer (Unix and Windows) and email accounts
    • Obtain account fund number for computer infrastructure (from your fund administrator)
    • Follow instructions at the IRIS website
    • Subscribe to the appropriate emailing lists
    • Add yourself to the contact list on this wiki
    • If you work under TRUST or CHESS, get an account (TRUST,CHESS)and get added to the appropriate subgroups
  3. Sign onto the payroll with your Grant Administrator and then go to the ERSO payroll office to fill out paperwork (199M Cory)
  4. Get Card Key Access to the appropriate rooms
  5. Get a Desk
  6. Find out which Group Meetings and Seminars you should attend
  7. Study the following web pages:
  8. Introduce yourself to:
    • Larry Rohrbach (TRUST Executive Director) if you are under TRUST
    • Gladys Khoury (TRUST Program Manager) if you are under TRUST
    • Sally Alcala if you are under iCAST
    • Gary Givens (Research Support Officer) if you are under HSN
    • Maria Jauregui (Administrative Specialist) and Jessica Gamble (Research Support Assistant) if you work under Shankar Sastry
    • Mary Stewart (System Administrator) if you work under Shankar Sastry
    • Note: Make sure that you have something semi-intelligent to say to each of them (like who you are, where you come from, what you hope to work on, ...)
  9. Tour the 330 Robotics Lab to learn where supplies are kept and office equipment available for researcher's use.
  10. Go to engineering library and find: ( what other research areas?)
    • Where the robotics/controls/vision journals are on the shelves
    • Where the robotics/controls/vision journals are in bound form
    • 3 articles pertaining to your area of interest
  11. Use the online catalog MELVYL from the UC Library system to:
    • Find a list of publications of the people sitting next to you
    • Get an image of one of these publications and print it
  12. Depending on your research area, take a look at a copy of the proceedings of a recent:
    • CDC (controls)
    • ACC (controls)
    • ICRA (robotics)
    • IROS (robotics)
    • CVPR (vision)
    • others?
    • What can you say qualitatively about the content, style, and quality of these different conferences?