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  • Thu Feb 8 21:10:00 PST 2007 - the main robotics page now redirects to the wiki.
  • Thu Feb 1 21:31:17 PST 2007 - finished wiki restructuring... you may resume editing.
  • Thu Feb 1 13:30:27 PST 2007 - Please do not edit the robotics wiki from 7 to 8 PM today. I will be doing some site restructuring, and any change you make during that time may be lost. -- Phoebus
  • The CHESS and TRUST centers on the 3rd floor of Cory are undergoing rennovations. Currently, the CHESS and TRUST offices have been moved to 301 Cory.
  • Mon Dec 11 14:26:03 PST 2006 - Robotics Wiki is up and running, with SSL problems fixed. For more details on SSL, see here.