Lab Amenities

337 Cory

When putting drinks on the conference table in 337 Cory, please use a coaster. The table is made of nice wood and can be easily damaged.

333 Cory

Currently, there is a refridgerator, microwave oven, and espresso machine in common area in 333 Cory. Please make sure to keep the area clean for others. Particularly, remember to throw out any old food in the fridge.

If you do not know how to use the espresso machine, please ask Jon Sprinkle or others in the lab. Otherwise, you may damage the machine. Again, make sure you do not make a mess.

If you have food to share with your fellow residents, you may leave it out on the table of the common area and send an email announcement to the lists. If it is perishable, make sure someone is responsible for throwing it out after it has expired.