OpenCV on MacOSX

  • Install prerequisites as listed at Willow Garage's Install Guide
  • Install cmake-gui
  • Check out opencv via svn
  • Run the following commands in the opencv directory:
> cmake .
> cmake-gui .
  • In cmake-gui:
    • set compiler and linker flags to -m64
    • set build architecture to x86_64
    • Disable ffmpeg and carbon support (as of 6/1/2010, not compiling)
  • Run:
> make -j2
> sudo make install
  • Note that the -j2 flag enables 2 CPU cores to compile modules simultaneously.
  • Install cmake-gui with >sudo port install cmake +gui
  • On MacOSX, cmake must have PYTHON_LIBRARY pointed to the appropriate libpython file.

Point Grey Firefly MV High-res Color

  • Camera drivers work under Windows or Ubuntu 8.04 or Ubuntu 8.10
  • Ubuntu 8.04
    • Download libdc1394 source code
    • Go to libdc1394 source code root directory, and edit ./cd1394/usb/control.c
    • Add the following to usb_products[]:
      {0x1e10,0x2002} // Point Grey high-res Firefly MV Color
      {0x1e10,0x2003} // Point Grey high-res Firefly MV Mono
    • Install pre-reqs for flycapture software, listed in flycapture README
    • add "raw1394" to /etc/modules
    • reboot
    • test flycap
    • install OpenCV