Purchasing And Shipping


Matlab Purchasing and Renewal

If you are purchasing a Matlab group license, you should purchase it through the University for an academic discount. Both purchasing and renewal is mostly done online.

  • UC Berkeley Matlab Purchasing Website
  • The website has list of prices for toolboxes
  • Decide on whether you want a Group or a Concurrent license. If you do field work with Matlab where you will not have an internet connection, you will want a Group license.
  • You will get an email with instructions when it is time for renewal.

Business Cards

  1. Get approval from your faculty in writing for your purchasing assistant (Maria Jauregui for Professor Sastry).
  2. Go to the UC business card website.
    • Select the style you like, fill out as much of the form as possible, and print a copy for reference when placing the actual order with your purchasing assistant (or email them a copy).
    • Make sure to select a proof (it's well worth the extra fee) to make sure the card is correct.
  3. Schedule a time with your purchasing assistant to fill out the entire form, with the BFS charstring and other billing information.
  4. You will get an autogenerated email "proof" when the order goes through. Follow the instructions from there for verifying the proof and finishing the order.


Shipping Address

UC Berkeley EECS
ATTN: (Your Name) / (Your Room Number) Cory Hall, Desk # (Your Desk Number)
Shipping & Receiving
178 Cory Hall
Berkeley CA 94720-1774

Mailing Address for Graduate Students (delivered to 253 Cory grad mailboxes)

Your Name, EE Grad Student
U.C. Berkeley
EECS Department
205 Cory Hall #1772
Berkeley, CA 94720-1772