Revision Control Software

If the only copy of what you are working on exists on one computer, you are asking for trouble. Revision Control Software (RCS) such as CVS and SVN go a long way toward duplicating the files across multiple machines, to reduce the risk of catastrophic failure and loss of files.

CVS repositories

CVS repositories exist for many of the CHESS and TRUST subprojects. Generally, individual projects will have these repositories. If you are using a shared resource like ransom.eecs, it should be within the context of checked-out files.

If you need a CVS repository for personal research use (maintaining paper sources, configuration files, etc.), then you should contact the Robotics staff to discuss how to have this come about.

SVN repository

Use your LDAP login and password to access these repositories. To set up a new repository, you need to put in a job request to CUSG to add the repository (with permission from your grant administrator - this requires a chartstring).

SVN nest repository

Currently, an SVN repository is set up for the NEST DARPA research project (which concluded in 2006) to hold code, data, documents, presentations, and multimedia files. It is VERY BIG, several hundred megabytes. Therefore, it is suggested that you find the subdirectories which you wish to download through the web interface before proceeding.

SVN cameraMote repository

This repository is for collaborations between ITRI and UCB under the iCAST project to build wireless camera motes. It holds source code and basic documentation.