C245 Final Project Spring 2005

Your final project will consist of a four page, double column format report and one or more layout files.

You are strongly encouraged to choose a project which can be fabricated in one (or more) of the standard processes discussed in class: Single or double mask SOI, {poly, SOI, metal}MUMPS. Assembly of designs from one or more processes is acceptable (possibly encouraged).  You should try to choose a project which will yield publishable results if the devices are functional after testing.

Partners are encouraged, but no more than two people may work on the same team.


The final report should be in two column format, and a maximum of 4 pages long. Reports not submitted in this format will not be read, and the authors will be given an incomplete in the class. The report is due Wednesday, May 11, at 11:59 PM. The reports will be copied and distributed to the class during the final (Thursday, May 19th, 5 PM). Late reports will not be accepted.

Your report should include at least the following sections

  1. Introduction, describing what you are trying to do, and any related work in the field.
  2.  Design, describing the fabrication method chosen (one paragraph) and a description of the design decisions made. Basic analysis should be included in this section to support the design decisions.
  3.  Test structures, describing the design of the several structures which will verify performance of the subcomponents of the system.
  4.  Expected results, illustrating the expected performance of your test structures, and your overall system.
  5.  Discussion/Conclusion, explaining why anyone will care if all of this works.
This is not a required outline, but it is highly recommended.


Layout should be design rule correct. Layout should be emailed to pister@eecs in standard cif format. The top level cell should be named [user]_project . Layout is due May 12th at midnight.


Kris Pister