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Adding and updating publications and presentations

Questions and answers about adding and updating publications and presentations.

How do I add a publication to the publications database?
Based on text by John Reekie from the GSRC website.

The publications database allows anyone with a Member account on this site to add publications to the database and upload electronic versions of those publications.

To add a publication, first make sure you are logged in. Then go to the publications database and click on the link at the left of the page labelled Add publication.

The first screen you see allows you to choose the publication type -- for example, journal article, conference paper, and so on. (The publication types are essential copied straight from BibTeX.) On this page, you can also choose to restrict access to your publication to website members and guests (people with a login on this site). Finally, you can associate the publication with a work-group on this site, thereby allowing searches to be made on publications associated with a group. If you can't decide on a group, then select either robotics or no group at all. You can change groups later, but each publication can only be in one group.

Press the Continue button to go to the next screen. (Any of the information on this page can be changed later.)

The next screen shows the fields that can be filled in for the publication type you have chosen. (Again, these are taken straight from BibTeX.) Fill in as many fields as you can, noting that fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required and fields not so marked are optional.

Press the Add new publication button to continue. (Again, you will be able to change any of this information later.)

You will now see a screen that allows you to upload electronic versions of the publication.
The format for publications is PDF.

Please do not upload PDF files where the copyright is held by an outside entity (such as ACM, IEEE, Springer, or Elsevier), unless your copyright agreement specifically permits you to post the PDF on a server.

See Copyrights and journals.

To upload a file, click on the Browse... button and select the file. If you wish, add some additional text in the Additional comment field - this text will appear in parentheses next to the download link for the file you are uploading. Press Upload file to upload the file.

When you have no more files to upload, press the Return to listing button to view your publication's page!

(For instructions on how to modify a publication record, see this question.)

Important: Please be sure to review the publication entry that you just uploaded. In particular, look in the BibTeX version of the abstract for special characters that are displayed as question marks. Typically, these characters are backquotes, dashes or quotes that are were copied from the PDF but are outside the UTF-8 character set. To fix these, edit the abstract and replace the offending character(s).

How do I modify a publication?
Based on text by John Reekie from the GSRC website.

If you are logged in to the site, use the publications search page to find the publication you wish to edit.

If you have permissions to modify the publication, you will see several links on the left-hand margin:

  • Edit publication allows you to change the fields associated with the publication -- the author, title, journal, and so on.
  • Change type allows you to change the publication type. You can also use this page to restrict access to members of this website or associate the publication with a group.
  • Upload files allows you to upload additional electronic version of this publication. If you upload a file with the same file name as the current file, then the current file will be replaced. If the upload has a file name that is different from the current file(s), then the new upload will be added to the set of available files.
(For more detailed instructions, see the question on adding publications -- the screens are essentially the same.)

You will be able to modify a publication record and upload files if either

  1. You are the person who originally created the publication record, or
  2. The publication is associated with a robotics work-group or SIG, and you are a member of that work-group or SIG.
If neither of these is the case, go to the bottom of the page for the publication, where you will see something like "Posted by Fred Nerfs on September 6th, 2005." Then send email to Fred Nerfs.

How do I update the authors?
The publications facility now associates authors with publications. Below are instructions about how to update each document and add the authors by hand.
  1. Go to http://robotics.eecs.berkeley.edu/pubs
  2. Click on the year.
  3. Click on the first pub
  4. Verify that the authors have links
  5. Verify that the abstract "looks ok"
    that it does not have strange characters in it
  6. Verify that there is a local copy of the publication, or at least that the publication does not point to a student web page that will go away when the student leaves. In general, any URL that leads to a user page that has a ~ in it should be copied and uploaded. URLS that lead to acm or ieee sites need not be copied.
    This step is optional.
  7. Click on "Edit publication" and
    • update the authors if necessary
    • update the abstract if necessary
    • upload the publication if necessary
    For the first one, I added the authors and uploaded a local copy of the pub
  8. Rinse and repeat

How do I remove a publication, publication attachment or publication upload?

The design of the publications facility does not permit regular users to delete publications. This is a design choice that was implemented because once something is published, it should remain in the record of publications.

If you would like a publication deleted because it was accidentally entered twice, please send email to webmgr at robotics eecs berkeley edu.

Admins, see Deleting a publication, attachment or upload.

Uploading copyrighted works from journals
When uploading files, be sure that you have the permission of the all copyright holders to do so. For example many journals permit the author to have copies of an article on their website, but have restrictions about other placing the article on other websites.
  • ACM Copyright Policy
  • IEEE Copyright Policy
  • Springer LCNS Copyright Form
    In July, 2009, the Springer LCNS form said:
    The Author may self-archive an author-created version of his Contribution on his own website and his institution's repository, including his final version; however he may not use the publisher's PDF version which is posted on www.springerlink.com, LNCS online. Furthermore, the author may only post his version provided acknowledgment is given to the original source of publication and a link is inserted to the published article on Springer-Verlag's website. The link must be accompanied by the following text: "The original publication is available at www.springerlink.com"."
    When making an entry for a final published version of a paper, rather than uploading the publisher's PDF, you should include a link to the publisher's version.

    As indicated by the above Springer copyright notice, it is convention in academia that a pre-publication draft version can be posted on our server. The best way to do this is to make an EECS memo and include a link to the HTML page for that memo. If you instead directly upload a PDF, make sure the PDF includes full citation information. E.g., it could say at the top:

    Pre-publication version dated June 30, 2009,
    to appear in the IEEE Int. Conference on Incremental Research,
    Sacramento, CA, June 30, 2022.

    Also, it must include full author names and a title, of course.

  • If the paper was submitted to an IEEE publication, please consider adding the text below to the "Additional note" textarea under the abstract:
    Following section 8.1.9 (pg. 56) of the IEEE PSPB Operations Manual we make the following statement: "This work has been submitted to the IEEE for possible publication. Copyright may be transferred without notice , after which this version may no longer be accessible.".
    See http://chess.eecs.berkeley.edu/pubs/848.html

    If you have an EECS memo for a pre-publication version, and a different final version for publication, these are two separate publications. They should have two separate entries, and the entries should be cross-linked. E.g., on the page for the final version, it could include:

    <a href="LINK HERE to HTML">published version</a>

    and the pre-publication version could include:

    See also

    <a href="LINK HERE to HTML">pre-publication version</a>
    Ideally, the titles differ, at least a little. E.g., the memo version could have the title "Preliminary Results in Incremental Research" where the final version has the title "Results in Incremental Research." It is not essential that the titles differ, however.