00-Theta (θ)
  • Date of Fabrication
    October 2000

  • Photo of structure 00-Theta


    This structure was constucted in October 2000, in order to validate a 1 DOF design with Thunder actuators. From what I can remember, the parameters for this structure are:

    Fabrication Parameters

    1. Fourbar Link lengths: 6,6,6,0.5 mm
    2. Flexure material: 12.5 micron polyester
    3. Actuator: Thunder actuator.

    Performance Parameters

    1. Motion at resonance: 160 degrees.
    2. Resonant Frequency: 140 Hz.
    3. Voltage applied to actuator at resonance: 180 V.
    4. The DC motion and hence Q were either not measured or not recorded.