00z-Thorax: 1 DOF with 2-axis force sensing



1-DOF structure with 0.5mm polystyrene spar and two axis force sensing


(1)   Date of fabrication


(2)   Dimmensions of structure

12.5 mm flextures, slider crank attachment 1 mm

4 bar dimensions: 6,6,6,0.5 mm

75 mm thick wing attached with varying angle of attack

(3)   Actuator parameters

Thunder driven

(4)   Resonant frequency

85 Hz

(5)   Amplitude of motion

90 degrees at resonance

(6)   Tests performed, duration of testing, mode of failure (if applicable)

Actuated with varying angles of attack and the forces in two directions

(lift and drag) were recorded

(7)   Other relevant info

(8)   Status

Currently working, but spar slightly warped.