1-DOF , 1.3X structure with actuator and spar sensors


(1)   Date of fabrication


(2)   Dimmensions of structure

 6.5mm flexures

4 bar dimensions: 6,6,6,.5 mm

(3)   Actuator parameters

16X6 PZT

(4)   Resonant frequency

75 Hz, although attempting to increase this

(5)   Amplitude of motion

90 degrees at resonance

(6)   Tests performed, duration of testing, mode of failure (if applicable)

Actuated while readings were taken off spar and actuator. 

(7)   Other relevant info

First structure with 6.5mm flexures and cross flexures at the base

Used for system identification

(8)   Status

Currently working, trying to reduce inertia to increase the resonant frequency