EE 140 HW 11
Due Tuesday 4/24/01 at 5 pm in 497 Cory
  1. J&M 13.7, 13.8, and 13.9
  2. For 13.8, create a spice deck using ideal elements and run a transient simulation using the analog input specified in the problem, and the appropriate bit-switch voltages from your hand calculations for 13.8.  Make sure that the comparator input and output are what they should be.  What is the minimum gain that you need in the opamp to have it work properly for this application (hint: consider the magnitude of analog signal that needs to be amplified to become a digital value).
  3. Replace the ideal elements from the previous simulation with elements of your own design.  Make sure that you still have the right voltage levels at the output of the comparator!
  4. How will your design change when it's 8 bits?