Biomimetics Millisystem Lab


Lab Facilities
lab view
Prototype processing area
Laser micromachining system
wind tunnel
Arena for ambulation testing
force testing system
Precision force/displacement testing station

Research Tools
  Prototyping Folded Robots
  Microlaze and Thermojet
  Tactile Sensor Construction
  Pneumatic Tactile Display Fabrication
  Laser Micromachining
  Synthetic Gecko Adhesion Bibliography
  Do-it-yourself gecko tape (ages 13 and up)
  ImageProc dsPIC33F CPU board for robot control
  OpenRoACH 15 cm cardboard robot (on GitHub)
  open source tracked robot with Linux/ROS.
miniature BLDC motor driver board and code

ICRA 2006 Plenary ``Challenges for Effective MilliRobots'' Movies and References
EECS Theses (list)

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