Class OrthoTweezersMonitor

All Implemented Interfaces:
javax.accessibility.Accessible, java.awt.image.ImageObserver, java.awt.MenuContainer, javax.swing.RootPaneContainer, java.io.Serializable, javax.swing.WindowConstants

public class OrthoTweezersMonitor
extends javax.swing.JDialog

Modeless dialog window for monitoring the orthotweezers system and writing to the capture file.

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Serialized Form

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Constructor Summary
OrthoTweezersMonitor(java.awt.Frame parent, OrthoTweezersTools tools)
          Creates new form OrthoTweezersMonitor as a modeless dialog
Method Summary
 void captureComment(java.lang.String comment)
          Write the given comment to the capture file.
 void closeCapture()
          Stop capturing data to the capture file and close the capture file.
 boolean openCapture(java.lang.String filename, boolean append)
          Open the file to which capture data is written.
 void startCapture(int period)
          Start capturing data with the given period and adding to the log file.
 void stopCapture()
          Stop capturing data to the capture file.
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Constructor Detail


public OrthoTweezersMonitor(java.awt.Frame parent,
                            OrthoTweezersTools tools)
Creates new form OrthoTweezersMonitor as a modeless dialog
parent - the parent Frame
tools - the OrthoTweezersTools created by the main window. This calls tools.control() to get the OrthoTweezersControl which is queried for the values to display.
Method Detail


public boolean openCapture(java.lang.String filename,
                           boolean append)
Open the file to which capture data is written. After calling this, you must call startCapture to begin writing capture data to the file. If a capture file is already open, this stops any data being captured, closes the file, and opens the given filename.
filename - The full pathname of the file to capture data to.
append - if true, then data will be written to the end of the file. If false, previous data in the file is overwritten.
true for success, false if the specified file is not found or if some other I/O error occurs
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public void captureComment(java.lang.String comment)
Write the given comment to the capture file. If the capture file is not open, this does nothing (see openCapture).
comment - the comment to add to the capture file. First, "% " is written before the comment, and a newline is written afterwards.
See Also:
openCapture(java.lang.String, boolean)


public void startCapture(int period)
Start capturing data with the given period and adding to the log file. If already capturing, this changes the capture period to the given value. All fields, such as stageX, xArmDeflection, etc. will be captured. To stop capturing, call stopCapture() or closeCapture().
period - the period in milliseconds between captures. If period is less than 10, this sets it to 10.
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public void stopCapture()
Stop capturing data to the capture file. You may call startCapture() again to resume capturing.
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public void closeCapture()
Stop capturing data to the capture file and close the capture file. You only need to call closeCapture() if you wish to read the capture file before the application exits (because the capture file is automatically closed on exit). Also, you do not need to call closeCapture() before opening a new capture file (or re-opening the same file) since openCapture() automatically does this. If a capture file is not already open, this does nothing.