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  1. BAA number: 98-16
  2. Technical topic area:
    Toolkits for Software-enabled Control Systems
  3. Proposal title:
    Integrated Design and Analysis Tools for Software-based Control Systems
  4. Technical point of contact: Shankar Sastry
  5. Submitters:
    Shankar Sastry, Thomas Henzinger, Edward Lee, and Alex Aiken
    Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
    University of California at Berkeley
  6. Phone numbers:
    510-642-7200, 510-643-2430, 510-642-0455, 510-642-5319.
  7. Email:,,,
  8. Address:
    Mailing address: Electronics Research Laboratory,
    253 Cory Hall,
    University of California, Berkeley,
    Berkeley. CA 94720-1774.
  9. Summary of the costs of the proposed research, including total base cost, $
    estimates of base cost in each year of the effort, $
    estimates of itemized options in each year of the effort, $
    cost sharing if relevant $ .
  10. Contractor's type of business: Other educational

S Sastry
Sun Aug 9 11:27:47 PDT 1998