225 Clifton St. (@Broadway), Apt #318
Oakland, CA 94618
tel. (510) 654-2344

Directions to get to Monika's & Wolfgangs home in Oakland
by bike, by public transport or by car,

    by BIKE (fastest, cheapest and healthiest!)
    Avoid the bad road and traffic conditions of College Ave.!

from the UC Campus (YWCA@Bancroft)
Take Bowditch to the end, at Dwight take a right-left combination (against the one-way direction, but its safe) into Hillegass (bad pavement and some strange bendings), cross Ashby, right into Alcatraz, left into ...
from downtown Berkeley (Shattuck)
Take Durant or Dwight to Fulton and turn right, cross Ashby, at the of Fulton, turn left into Prince, right into Telegraph (can be avoided if you know the neighbourhood!), at the light left into Alcatraz, right into ...
... Colby, proceed (~ 1 km) to traffic the light at Claremont, cross it into Forest, at its end, slightly right into College (here, it's OK!) until you hit Broadway (second light), cross Broadway, take a left-right around the park into Clifton ... 100m uphills on the right side ... Voila!

    by PUBLIC TRANSPORT (runs until about 12:30 am)


take No. 51/51A, direction Alameda, from University-Shattuck-Durant-College, to College/Broadway (3rd stop after Rockridge BART)


take Colma-Pittburg/Bay Point line to Rockridge station, take Bus No. 51/51A, direction Alameda, or walk down College

cross Broadway, turn left, at the end of the park turn right into Clifton

    by CAR

From the UCB Campus: take College Ave., cross Ashby, Alcatraz, and Claremont, cross under No. 24/Bart, at 2nd ligth (in the valley) turn left into Manila, at the next light, take a sharp right onto Broadway From Walnut creek, Caldecot Tunnel: Take exit Broadway (3rd exit after tunnel), stay on Broadway for about 1.5 mile From the Bay Bridge and No. 80: take No. 580 East, stay on the far right lane, change to No. 24/Walnut Creek, still stay right, take first exit to 51th street (stay right in the exit), follow 51th ~1 mi, turn left onto Broadway, right after the next ligth at the end of the park on the right turn rigth into Clifton St. (before Broadway Terr.!)
stay on Broadway until after the 76-gas station on the left, turn left into Clifton just before the park of the Art College (after Broadway Terr.!)
You find our appartement building at the end of Clifton on the right side (Country Club Terrace)

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